Bed Bugs Picture Photos and Images – How to Check for Bed Bugs

Characteristics of Bed Bugs:

  • Visible to the human eye but difficult to spot
  • Tiny and oval insects that possess a flattened body suitable for hiding in very little spaces
  • Wingless but excellent "hitchhikers"
  • Able to enter your home without notice
You may not be alone in your bed. As their name suggests, bed bugs love nothing more than to stay in … you guessed, your bed! They like a bed as they can be close to their prey – you!

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How to Check for Bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs can be most likely seen hiding in bed frames, head board, and cracks of mattresses.
  • Other favored locations include sofa seams, chairs, couch, rugs, carpets, bags, clothes, window casings, and other dim areas where they can be hard to spot.

Other Symptoms of Bed Bugs:

  • Fecal matter - Reddish / brown smears on sheet.
  • Characteristic Bite pattern – 3 linear small dots or raised bumps.
  • Blood stains.
  • Eggs – small, white and sticky typically the size of a spec of dust.
  • Shed skin – look for loose shells as the young shed their skin 5 times before adulthood.

Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

Bed bugs not disease carriers but are exceedingly nasty and irritating insects to live with. If the bites are itchy, scratching may lead to secondary infection and possibly scarring if not treated properly. On rare occasion, allergic reaction may ensue.

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To ensure effective and efficient treatment of your infestation, it is necessary to first identify your pest. Scroll down to see detailed bed bugs pictures.

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